Profiled here are some African American men and women who have contributed to the advancement of Science and Engineering. These accomplishments can serve as a pathfinder to present and future students.

Fortunately there are some people and Organizations who have put links to many other sites. The authentic source of in Canada is the Ontario Black History Society. They have another site with information on contemporary and historical figures. This site is ideally suited for students who are doing research and school reports.

Barack Obama, the rookie U.S. senator from Illinois achieved the unthinkable on Nov 4 2008, he became the first African-American President in the nation's history.Read more about it.

Here are two reports on President Obama, one showing his biography and his place of birth, a topic which some people wanted to make an issue of, and one describing how well he works with his staff and other officials.

Regardless of how hard you work to improve a situation, you will have your detractors and President Obama has his share of them. America is on the path to destruction at the hands of a few, petty, pampered, pretty boys who in their efforts to appease their masters´┐Ż are driving that country off a cliff! Read more about it.

Have you ever heard of Dr Mark Dean? Perhaps not, but there is a good chance that something electronic in your home has been invented by him. Read more about him here.

Have you ever heard of Marva Collins? She is a leading Educator of Black Students in America. You can read more about her here.