In 1785, Sir John Gay Alleyne founded the Alleyne School, he did so for others not himself, hence the school motto, Allis Non Sibi. The first Headmaster, the Rev. R.C.Rock and his staff, and their successors, to this day, have ensured that this motto becomes an integral part of the lives of all those who pass through those hallowed doors.

The Alleyne School is the first co-educational secondary school in Barbados and the vision of those who successfully pioneered this educational change must be applauded. They are Alumni Chapters in Toronto, New York and London and they have been making significant financial contributions to assist with school projects. The school orchestra, the sports department, the computer department and the library have been beneficiaries of their generous donations.


1724...Sir John Gay Alleyne was born.
1757....Sir John Gay Alleyne was elected to parliament for the parish of St. Andrew.
1769....John Gay Alleyne was created a Baronet of Great Britain by King George 111.
1785....The Seminary was founded for poor white boys of St. Andrew.
1785....Rev. R.V.Rock, vicar of St. Simons Church, became the first Headmaster of the Seminary.
1801....Sir John Gay Alleyne died.
1875....The Mitchinson Report recommends that the Seminary be upgraded to a Secondary School.
1881....Seminary was upgraded to a Secondary School, with the new name, "The Alleyne School"
1898....School role was 12 boys.
1921....Mr. Winston Sandiford was successful in the Junior Cambridge Certificate.
1939...Alfred Blackett became the first student from a Second Grade School to pass the Higher School Certificate.
1947....Girls were officially admitted to the school under the headship of Mr. Darnley Cole Cumberbatch.
1958....School roll was 120.
1961....A new technical wing was built with aid from the US Aid Programme.
1971....Kenneth G. Douglin became the first old boy of the school to be its headmaster.
1974....School orchestra was formed.
1984....A major school expansion was completed.
1998....School roll was over 700. 
2011....Current Principal is Ms Cheryl Wade and the School role was over 800.

School Crest

In Toronto we have an Annual Golf Tournament to raise funds for a Scholarship which is given to a graduating student to pursue post secondary education. We have Annual Reunions in either Toronto, Barbados, New York or London to bring awareness to the school and the students. More information on the Alumni activities, can be found below.


Alleyne School Alumni 25 Anniversary Dinner and Dance 2004
Reunion 2005 in Barbados
Golf Tournament Toronto 2006
Golf Tournament Toronto 2009
Golf Tournament Toronto 2010
Reunion 2009 in Toronto - Registration Night
Reunion 2009 in Toronto - Picnic to Niagra Falls
Reunion 2009 in Toronto - Boat Cruise
Reunion 2009 in Toronto - Social Evening
Reunion 2009 in Toronto - Social Evening # 2
Reunion 2009 in Toronto - Awards Dinner and Dance.
Reunion 2010 in Barbados - Church Service
Reunion 2010 in Barbados - Registration Night
Reunion 2010 in Barbados -Island Tour
Reunion 2010 in Barbados - Sports Day
Reunion 2010 in Barbados - Awards Dinner and Dance